Inclusion & Diversity

At H.I.E.C, we don’t just search for the obvious candidates, we approach things differently and are not afraid to innovate with clients on their approach to diversity and inclusion. We assemble diverse search teams from a variety of global locations for every assignment to foster creativity and offer clients a different perspective.

From local start-ups to global corporations, businesses are waking up to the benefits of a diverse workforce. But corporate structures necessary to harness this talent pool are missing, leaving businesses unable to truly harness the multitude of economic and social benefits diversity brings.

Executive Level Diversity

A diverse outlook and experience at Executive level is proven to deliver outperformance, as well as offering real economic and social benefits. Our Executive Search services are tailored to hire diverse leaders. We work closely with leadership teams to define key diversity success metrics, resulting in transparency, accountability, and long-term profitability for clients.


Minimising Unconscious Bias

We arrange unconscious bias briefings for decision makers, review client evaluation practices to ensure fair and equal assessment, and collaborate to assemble diverse internal project teams to minimise bias. Using a blend of practical exercises and insightful data from Teamscope, an AI-based behavioural analytics platform, we help clients make data-driven, unbiased hiring decisions.

A Strategic Approach

While gender dominates the diversity agenda, background, education, values, self-expression and ethnicity to ensure equal opportunity are as important. A company-wide and human-centric approach to diversity is key to establishing a corporate structure that will support a diverse talent pool.

We coach clients on developing diverse leadership teams and practices, whether securing top female talent, or improving diversity and inclusion metrics. We also guide female executives to ensure they understand how to communicate effectively to support their experience and achievements.