Private Equity

Executive Search for Private Equity – A world apart from a traditional executive search approach

Trusted partnership and Executive Search is the core of what we do but what makes the difference is our global market connectivity and the ability to use it when it matters.

Excellence in process and delivery – absolutely – but through our privileged position of trust, and by investing in deep relationships with global candidate pools over time, not only can we deliver quickly and with less risk, we are able to create real value over and above solely managing an executive search process, from pre-deal due diligence to building advisory boards, management assessment and exit/IPO preparation.

The ability to inject world-class talent into dynamic situations, at pace, can have a transformative impact on the lives of those we partner with and the businesses we support.

As new Private Equity Funds evolve, established funds accelerate into growth markets, and tech, data and digital agendas drive sustained transformation opportunities, we are seeing Funds frequently look to a ‘fractional ownership’ model of talent (“outcome based hiring”) and executives engaging in many more businesses over the course of their careers, as role cycles shorten in-portfolio.

The result is an increasingly fierce competition for talent [and transactions] and a new approach being needed… a consistently proactive, data driven, global and joined-up approach of genuine partnership between Private Equity funds and commercial Executive Search platforms capable of providing solutions, not just process.

Services designed around Private Equity – Delivering immediate impact

Executive Search is at the heart of what we do and it allows us to add value throughout the deal cycle. Interact with a stage of the deal cycle to see how H.I.E.C can support you

Our view

Great things happen when the right people join forces; one outcome of Executive Search is that a great person gets hired but that is just the start.

Building a long-term trusted network means we are afforded incredible insight, goodwill and we are empowered to bring together people, businesses, ideas, opportunities and funds and funding. If all we do is react to mandates, we limit that connectivity value for our clients, candidates and our executive partners.

A self-sustaining source of value

Not only do we place world-class Private Equity Investors into buy-out, growth, minority and top-end Venture Funds but also Operating Partners and Advisory Boards in-fund and transformational leadership in-portfolio.

We invest in deep relationships with Investors and Executives alike. Not simply on paper, or digitally, but real life, everyday relationships such that we are able to genuinely connect and advise on their future journey.

Strong and effective talent pipelining, innovative assessment in conjunction with TeamScope and constant market engagement helps us to minimise search risk, maximise speed and increase diversity and choice for our client Funds.

Roles & Functional Specialisms

In fund

  • Senior Investors
  • IR Leadership
  • Operating Partners
  • Advisory Boards


In Portfolio

  • Chair & NED
  • Strategy
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • CTO

In Portfolio

  • Data & Digital
  • Chief Product Officer
  • CCO
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR & Talent
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability

The H.I.E.C Difference

  • Global view on talent
  • One team approach
  • Private Equity, Professional Services and Tech/Digital heritage
  • Deep corporate & private business leadership focus
  • Our people – entrepreneurs, owners, investors

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