At H.I. Executive Consulting (H.I.E.C) we aim to be a continuously more responsible company, with clear messaging and actions on how we actively contribute to the communities where our activities have an impact, addressing climate change, supporting diversity equality and inclusion and incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance into the fabric of our business.

We approach Climate Change by leading a regenerative approach to Net Zero Carbon, with company initiatives targeting a 30% reduction in business travel emissions by 2025, actively supporting Carbon offsetting organizations, and driving employee-led environmental initiatives like e-waste and recycling in the environment-friendly work culture.

In driving our sustainability initiatives, we are guided by the following recommendations:

TCFD – Aligning with governance, strategy, risk management, metrics, and targets.

WEF IBC – Aligning our governance, actions, and goals to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SASB Framework – Aligning our materiality assessment to “Professional & Commercial Services” Industry standards on data security, workforce diversity, engagement, and professional integrity.

We support not-for-profit organizations helping to meet the 2030 UN SDGs, specifically SDG 15 for Peace, justice, and strong institutions supporting relief for Ukraine in 2022 and SDG 13 for Climate Actions. Our employees volunteer locally in the communities where we work.

Our approach to Sustainability: Carbon Footprint

We approach Climate Change by leading a regenerative approach to Net Zero Carbon, with company initiatives targeting a 30% reduction on business travel emissions by 2025.

We drive environmental employee initiatives like e-waste and recycling in the environment-friendly work culture at work and at home.

We support non-for-profit organizations supporting the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 13) to help offset the Carbon Footprint we create by the nature of our business.

Our approach to ESG: Working Group

Our clients have implemented incredible innovations and have inspired us to do the in sustainability, energy transition, and striving for a net zero carbon footprint.

To ensure that H.I.E.C as a firm positively impacts the community around us, we have established a working group with members from each of our global offices to lead our international and local charity initiatives aiming to increase our employee engagement with charity work.

Supporting the UN SDG 16, the group selected the International Rescue Committee for our global charity today. The IRC responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises by restoring health, safety, education, economic wellbeing, and power to people devastated by conflict and disasters like the Ukraine conflict today.

This group also promotes reducing emissions efforts across our offices, such as eliminating printing, workplace composting programs, and e-waste management.

Our approach to Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Supporting Diversity Equity and Inclusion, we aim to create an inclusive and equal culture well represented, contributed, and opportunities for all individuals regardless of their make up – we do it with data, metrics, culture, and accountability. We take the same approach to search and pride in bringing the best talent to help our clients build an inclusive organization.

We look at Diversity & Inclusion from both an inward and outward perspective. We support our clients not only by finding them the right candidates, but we are also often asked to support them in ensuring that their hiring processes and interview formats are suitable for all candidates regardless of whom they are.

We apply the same approach to hiring into our H.I.E.C team and continuously improve to ensure that we become a truly diverse and inclusive organisation. To ensure we are advancing towards our diversity goals, we constantly monitor the make up of our team across all roles and levels of the business.

Our approach to Diversity in our Suppliers

Our purpose is to be a more responsible company with clear messages and actions on how we actively contribute to the communities where our activities impact. We are addressing climate change, diversity, equality, and inclusion and incorporating ESG into the fabric of our business. We apply our purpose as a filter to select suppliers and expect them to use the same legal, ethical, environmental, and employee-related standards in our own business.

Environmental: Demonstrate a clear understanding of the environmental risks, impacts, and regulations and have an environmental policy and program for mitigation, monitoring, and improvement. These are to include all applicable to their business, such as energy and water utilization, raw materials, emissions, and waste.

DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion: Suppliers will be required to meet the requirements of any applicable discrimination legislation law related to victimizing, harassing, or discrimination against employees due to race, ethnicity, gender, sex, marital or civil status, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

Social & Human rights: Comply with all International and local labor Laws in areas of Child labor, wages, benefits, health, safety, sexual harassment, and working conditions, as well as policies and programs to train employees for its compliance.

Ethics: Comply with all applicable trade control laws and regulations in importing, exporting, re-export, or transferring goods and services (including software and technology). Suppliers must apply integrity in all business dealings and strictly prohibit corruption, extortion, bribery, and embezzlement. Subcontractors: Suppliers will use only subcontractors or other third parties who adhere to the same code of conduct outlined.