Careers at H.I. Executive Consulting (H.I.E.C)

At H.I.E.C we deliver transformational leaders for our clients through Executive Search, but we also believe that a role at H.I.E.C can be a transformational experience for your career.

With 13 offices in 11 countries, a global P&L and exciting clients to work with all over the globe, H.I.E.C is a truly exciting place to work.

H.I.E.C is also a high growth firm and to truly get the most out of a career with us, we want to find exceptionally talented people to add to our high achieving and vibrant team.

Please read on to find out more about what a career at H.I.E.C could mean for you.

What is life like at H.I.E.C?

H.I.E.C is an exciting place to work and develop your career. Our team is expanding and we are always looking to find like minded people to join us.

It is important to us that everyone that works at H.I.E.C has the opportunity to grow and develop, whilst also creating a healthy work/life balance and a high level of wellbeing.

Want to find out what life is like at H.I.E.C? You can watch a short video and find out what our colleagues have to say.

H.I.E.C Learning & The H.I.E.C Academy

Investing in our team is a priority for our firm. We believe in transforming people’s longer term careers with our highly rated H.I.E.C Learning platform, with over 50 carefully prepared courses available to the whole team.

We also regularly run our H.I.E.C Academy, an eleven part series designed and run by our partners to support our delivery team as they developed through the firm.

Developing our Consultants

Making the jump within Executive Search from Consultant to Principal can be a daunting step. We provide all our Consultants with the training and support they need to continuously develop themselves towards the next stage of their careers.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that Diversity & Inclusion is much more than a statement in a company policy, we actively seek to provide opportunities to people of diverse backgrounds that are looking at careers in Executive Search. We demand it of ourselves and our clients are always asking for diverse candidates to help them achieve true Diversity & Inclusion in their workforces.

We support them not only by finding them the right candidates, but we are also often asked to support them in ensuring that their hiring processes and interview formats are suitable for all candidates regardless of whom they are.

We apply the same approach to hiring into our H.I.E.C team. We also acknowledge that we are not the finish article and we must continuously improve in order to ensure that we become a truly diverse and inclusive organisation.


At H.I.E.C we offer rolling and seasonal paid internships globally. Our intern programme can be targeted to a particular area of what we do, while some might prefer to try out a variety of roles and tasks that are make up the day-to-day business we do.

We post our internship vacancies with the aim of supporting the next generation of Executive Search professionals by giving them a taster of what life is like working with us.

As with all roles we advertise, our Diversity & Inclusion approach does not stop at our experienced hires, we believe in opportunities for all, right from internships, all the way to partner level.

We are also proud to be part of the 10,000 Black Interns programme, an organisation that is working to ‘Transform the horizons and prospects of young Black people in the United Kingdom by offering paid work experience’, in our case for Executive Search but also across all industries. While the organisation is focused on the UK, we apply the same principles across all our offices where internships are available.

Our Vacancies

So now you should have a good idea about who we are, what we do and what it is like to work at H.I.E.C, if this sounds like the right career for you, you can view all our vacancies here: